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Civil Works

With over 30 years of experience, it’s not surprising that Nyanza Road Works Limited produces projects of the very highest standards.

Nyanza Road Works Ltd is a major force in the construction sector in Tanzania, offering clients a single strong base of talent, expertise and copious amount of resources.

Road construction is a core activity of Nyanza Road Works Ltd with extensive experience in this sector of over two decades. The division provides a wide variety of services for its customers from traditional contracts, including design and build projects to the introduction of Performance Based Management and Maintenance of Roads (PMMR). The division has proven from a range of notable projects such as the rehabilitation of 330km engineered gravel road to the rehabilitation and extension of Mwanza Airport, construction of a 60mw HFO Power Plant and the construction of an Internal Container Depot complete with laying of a rail line - amongst other projects.

Innovation, partnering and experience are our key strengths. These, together with our ability to deliver cost effective and well planned infrastructure solutions, set us apart as we continue to expand our services to clients with a diverse range of construction requirements.

Our Services

To our clients we have offered over the years the following services:

• Asphalt Paving

• Cement Paving

• Gravel Roads

• Airports

• Design and Build Contracts

• Performance based Maintenance and Management Road Contract

• Specialists Works
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