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To Protect and Respect the Environment, our Employees and the wider Community. As a private family business, Nyanza Road Works Ltd is founded on more than 30 years’ experience, employing the best people and the best resources to make a real difference. We are proud of our values which are at the heart of our company and set the standard for how we behave. Our business is driven by the needs of our clients, our partners and our people.

As a dynamic and innovative company, we continually explore new market opportunities to develop and expand our business. We are proud of our reputation and our people. We are proud to make a difference.

• Business Ethics
Our daily determination is to work with integrity and fairness at all times. We shall avoid conflicts of interest and will abide by all our legal requirements and contractual commitments. Our reports and recorded documents will be accurate, kept confidential and stored securely.

• Natural Environment
All construction has an impact on the natural world. Working together, we will continue to strive to minimize harm by promoting effective environmental measures and by complying with environmental impact assessments and plans that are applicable to our operations.

• Health and Safety
We will carry out our business and work processes in a way that does not contribute to an increased burden of ill health for our people. 'Burden of ill health' refers to physical, mental and economic impact of diseases, disabilities and other health conditions. We will always promote and implement effective health and safety systems, and working practices, and are committed to continuous improvement of our overall health and safety performance.

• Employment and Personal Growth
We believe in building strong teams by offering equal opportunities to help all our employees achieve their full potential by encouraging our people to expand their individual skill-base and work experience. NRWL respects each employee's personal rights and privacy, treats data held as confidential, and has in place procedures for resolving issues fairly.

• Respect for Communities
NRWL fields of operations frequently change. When we come to work with and live close to communities of varying cultures and backgrounds, we strive to protect their rights and dignity. We consult on issues that may concern them with care, understanding and respect, and we always try to employ people from the local community and villages of the project area.

Strengthening and Growing the Company

We work to achieve that by continually seeking to improve operational effectiveness, complemented by a programme of investment to ensure that NRWL remains strong through growth. The practical steps we take are:

• Investment in Training
Training and developing the people who work for us is just one of the ways we invest in our company. Creating the right culture in which everyone has the opportunity to shine comes from the top together with a policy of sharing knowledge and promoting good working practices.

• Managing Risk
There is risk in everything we do in the construction industry from financial risk to physical risks on our construction sites. Financial problems or accidents within the workplace can threaten the stability of a company, which is why we strive to continually monitor and manage risk in all its forms.

• Accountability
Everyone who works for the good of NRWL takes full responsibility for their own individual performance and critical decisions. Problems are part of working life and NRWL shall maintain the current high level of culture and skills for addressing problems and finding innovative ways to solve them.

• Client Focus
NRWL exists solely because of our clients and the business areas and regions in which our clients work. Our experience enables us to predict problems and find solutions, in a way that adds value to our clients' businesses and helps to develop their interests. Working closely with our clients’ enables, us to build a solid reputation for the quality of our work and for delivering projects on schedule.
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